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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Course Duration :- 3 Years / 4 Years for Hons.


The Department of BBA was established to provide high-quality management education to a wide cross-section of students across the world. The department has a reputation for innovative program design, up-to-date curriculum, quality courseware, personalized instruction, and strong industry interface. In a short period, BBA has grown impressively and achieved widespread recognition from industry and academic circles.

At OBS, the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program stands as a gateway to a holistic understanding of business principles. Through a comprehensive curriculum, students delve into core business disciplines, gaining a strategic understanding of subjects like marketing, management, finance, entrepreneurship etc.

Led by a faculty of seasoned professionals and industry experts, the program emphasizes blending theoretical knowledge with practical insights. From insightful seminars on cutting-edge management practices to dynamic management fests, the curriculum extends beyond classrooms. 

At OBS, we fulfill our commitment to a comprehensive education by offering additional certification courses within our BBA program.

These specialized courses empower students with practical skills equipping them for a well-rounded education tailored to the modern business world. 

Specializations Offered
  • Finance
  • Human Resource
  • Marketing
Course Objectives
  • The programme is designed to provide knowledge and skills, both functional and integrative, in the field of business with emphasis on leadership, entrepreneurship and ethics. In order to incorporate the mission of the institute the department focuses on developing an entrepreneurial society with professional orientation and global outlook deep-rooted in social sensitivity.
  • The main objective of the BBA programme is to motivate young students to take up challenges in lower level and middle level executives positions in business and industries. We can envisage equipping them with decision making skills, analytical skills, entrepreneual skill and so on.

Students who have completed pre university course (10+2) in any stream are eligible to seek admission to BBA course
Paper Code Title of the Course
Lang.1.1 Language – I
Lang.1.2 Language – II
BBA 1.1 Management Innovation
BBA 1.2 Fundamentals of Accountancy
BBA 1.3 Marketing Management
BBA 1.4 Digital Fluency / Spreadsheet for Business
BBA 1.5 Business Organization / Office Organization and Management / Tourism and Travel Management / Event Management
Physical Education - Yoga
Health and Wellness
Paper Code Title of the Course
Lang. 2.1 Language – I
Lang. 2.2 Language – II
BBA 2.1 Financial Accounting and Reporting
BBA 2.2 Human Resource Management
BBA 2.3 Business Environment
BBA 2.4 Retail Management/ Management of Non Government Organizations
BBA 2.5.1 A) Digital Fluency / Spreadsheet for Business. or B) Environmental Studies.
BBA 2.5.2 Sports
BBA 2.5.3 NCC/NSS/R&R (S&G)/Cultural
Paper Code Title of the Course
Lang. 3.1 Language – I
Lang. 3.2 Language – II
BBA 3.1 Elements of Cost Accounting
BBA 3.2 Organisational Behaviour
BBA 3.3 Business Statistics
BBA 3.4 Artificial Intelligence
BBA 3.5 Sports
BBA 3.5 NCC/NSS/others (if any)
BBA 3.6.1
BBA 3.6.2
Rural Marketing OR
Social Media Marketing
Paper Code Title of the Course
Lang.1.1 Language – I
Lang.1.2 Language – II
BBA.4.1 Management Accounting
Business Analytics OR
Indian Financial System
BBA.4.3 Financial Management
BBA.4.4 Constitution of India
BBA.4.5 Sports
BBA.4.6 NCC/NSS/others (if any)
Business Leadership Skills OR
Personal Wealth Management
Career Prospects

The diverse skill set gained during the BBA program opens doors to a broad range of career opportunities.

Some common career paths include;

* Management Roles

* Entrepreneurship

* Finance and Banking

* Marketing and sales

* Human Resources

* Consulting

* Supply Chain Management Relations